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Our Strategy

Global standard strategy with original technology.

As the advanced information age approaches, the world becomes e ver closer. From a global viewpoint, great changes are forced on the ways society and companies should work. Waves of large c hanges also approach SUMITOMO Construction Machinery Group, which has participated in building cities and environmen ts through our many construction machines. Needs for construction machinery are further diversifying, and considerat ion for the environment must also progress. Now, new concepts a renecessary to always meet the expectations of customers and soci ety, and to propose the best products, services, and systems.
Gaze into the future and review the current situation, continui ng to face challenges without fear of change. I want each and e very employee to always have that attitude, further advance our orig inal technology, and provide high quality construction machiner y.
Our SUMITOMO Construction Machinery Group is constantly facing challenges for a better tomorrow.

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